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Brecongate Projects Community Fund January Award

Due to the overwhelming number of applications for our community fund, we have decided to allocate the fund for the month of January to two different clubs/organizations. Allowing for a broader impact in the community.

Let's delve into the first organization, Big Bocs Bwyd, and highlight its commendable efforts.

Big Bocs Bwyd stands out as a remarkable organization with its innovative "pay as you feel" shop model. This initiative is specifically designed to support parents of the local school and the broader community. The concept of a "pay as you feel" shop not only fosters a sense of community but also addresses the financial challenges that some parents may face.

The primary objective of Big Bocs Bwyd is to create a space where individuals can access essential items without the financial burden typically associated with traditional shopping. By allowing customers to pay according to their means, the organization ensures that everyone, regardless of their economic situation, has the opportunity to acquire necessary goods.

What makes Big Bocs Bwyd even more commendable is its commitment to being a non-profit initiative. The organization reinvests 100% of its takings back into the community, using the funds to expand its stock and selection. This approach not only sustains the operation of the "pay as you feel" shop but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community by enhancing the variety of available items.

By allocating funds to Big Bocs Bwyd, your community fund is directly supporting an organization that not only addresses immediate needs but also actively works towards expanding its impact. This proactive reinvestment strategy ensures that the community benefits continually grow over time, creating a positive cycle of support.

In summary, by choosing Big Bocs Bwyd as one of the recipients of the community fund, Brecongate is making a meaningful investment in fostering a more inclusive and supportive community, where access to essential items is not limited by financial constraints.

We are delighted to be part of the growth of this outstanding group. Congratulations to all involved. Long may your fantastic work in the community continue.

Our second allocation for the month of January is awarded to Red Lion Heolgerrig FC Girls Under 9’s. Let's look into the second or recipient, Red Lion Heolgerrig FC Girls Under 9’s.

The decision to allocate funds to the Red Lion Heolgerrig FC Girls Under 9's team demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of diverse community needs, including those related to sports and recreation. Supporting youth sports teams, such as the Girls Under 9's football team, plays a crucial role in fostering physical activity, teamwork, and personal development among young individuals.

The specific focus on purchasing appropriate clothing for the winter months reflects an understanding of the challenges that sports teams, especially youth teams, may face during adverse weather conditions. In many regions of Wales, winter will bring cold temperatures and inclement weather, making it essential for sports teams to have suitable attire to ensure the well-being and comfort of the players.

Brecongates financial contribution will directly address this need by providing the Red Lion Heolgerrig FC Girls Under 9's team with the necessary clothing to keep them warm and well-prepared during the winter season. This support not only enhances the overall experience for the young athletes but also ensures their safety and enables them to fully participate in their chosen sport.

By investing in the correct clothing for the Girls Under 9's team, the community fund is promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities in sports. It sends a powerful message that every member of the community, regardless of age or gender, deserves the chance to participate and enjoy the benefits of organized sports.

In summary, our decision to allocate funds to the Red Lion Heolgerrig FC Girls Under 9's team is an investment in the physical well-being, development, and enjoyment of young athletes in your community. It showcases a commitment to supporting diverse aspects of community life, recognizing the importance of youth sports in building character and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

We wish you good luck for the current season and future games.

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