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British Airways Engineering, Cardiff

Brecongate undertake refurbishment to male WC's


The commencement of the project marked a comprehensive transformation as the entire pre-existing infrastructure was dismantled, providing a blank canvas for the forthcoming renovation. The systematic removal of existing services and building fabric laid the foundation for a thorough revitalization.

A key focus of the renovation was the enhancement of hygiene and sanitation within the restroom facilities. To achieve this, hygienic wall cladding was skilfully installed, ensuring a pristine and easy-to-maintain environment. The integration of high-pressure laminate extended beyond aesthetic considerations, covering ducting and cubicles, contributing to both durability and visual appeal.

The interior space underwent a significant upgrade with the introduction of a new 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling. This addition not only served an aesthetic purpose but also accommodated the reinstatement of certain existing services, seamlessly blending the old and the new.

A pivotal aspect of the project involved the implementation of modern mechanical and electrical services. This encompassed the installation of cutting-edge HVAC systems, addressing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements to create a comfortable and conducive atmosphere. The electrical wiring and lighting were meticulously designed and executed to align with contemporary standards and cater to the specific needs of the users.

The collaborative effort to bring this vision to life involved a combination of our proficient in-house team and external contractors. Their collective expertise ensured a harmonious execution of tasks, from the initial teardown to the final touches of the revamped space.

One of the noteworthy achievements of the project was its adherence to the established program or timeline. The meticulous planning and efficient execution allowed for the completion of the renovation within the stipulated timeframe. Furthermore, the project was accomplished without exceeding the allocated budget, showcasing a judicious use of resources and a commitment to financial prudence.

In summary, the project exemplified a seamless blend of architectural innovation, functionality, and project management prowess. The result was a transformed space that not only met but exceeded the standards of cleanliness, modernity, and user satisfaction.

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