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Emergency works at Raglan Lodge Hotel

The Raglan Lodge Hotel project was initiated as an emergency response due to a critical failure of both their heaters, caused by splitting heat exchangers. This failure resulted in a complete loss of hot water, rendering the hotel unable to continue operations. To address this urgent issue, we undertook a comprehensive project to restore the hotel’s hot water supply and heating system by replacing and upgrading the existing heaters, flues, and electrical systems, ensuring compliance with current regulations.

The project commenced with an immediate on-site evaluation to assess the extent of the damage and determine the requirements for replacement. Following this assessment, we developed a detailed plan to replace the defective heaters with upgraded models that comply with modern efficiency standards and meet the hotel's hot water demands. We also planned to upgrade the flue systems to match the new heaters and ensure safe and efficient ventilation according to the latest regulations. Additionally, the electrical systems were updated to support the new heaters, including the installation of necessary control systems and safety devices.

The implementation phase began with the removal of the old heaters and the initial installation of the new heaters and flue systems on day one. Over the next two days, the installation and testing of the new heaters continued, ensuring all connections and integrations were secure and functional. Electrical upgrades and testing were also completed during this period. By the end of day three, the new system was fully operational, allowing the hotel to resume operations. The final two days were dedicated to thorough testing, compliance checks, and commissioning of the new heating system. The project was completed and signed off by the end of day five, following extensive verification and documentation.

As a result, the Raglan Lodge Hotel was able to resume operations within three days of starting the project, thanks to the expedited replacement and upgrade process. The successful completion of this project within the tight timeframe not only restored the hotel's hot water supply but also enhanced energy efficiency and ensured compliance with current regulations. This project highlights our capability to respond swiftly and effectively to emergency situations, providing both immediate solutions and long-term improvements. The successful outcome underscores our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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