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Fire safety systems Cardiff Newport South Wales Swansea

bespoke fire alarm systems tailored to requirements

Fire Alarm Systems

BAFEFire alarm system installation and servicing in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend and South Wales.

Brecongate provides a comprehensive fire alarm service for the commercial sector including the installation of high quality fire alarm systems and fire detection systems.

Brecongate has experience of installing fire alarm systems in a wide range of commercial settings and environments, from large-scale factories to small offices.

If your company or organisation is looking to install a new fire alarm installation or you wish to add or upgrade an existing system, our dedicated fire safety team have the skills and experience necessary to ensure your staff and business premises are properly protected.

Brecongate is registered with BAFE – SP203-1 Modular Scheme for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

BAFE is the independent third party registration body for the fire protection industry. BAFE assess and approve companies to recognised standards. If you are considering installing a fire alarm system to your premises you should always ensure that a BAFE approved company undertakes the work to ensure you receive the highest standard of work and to ensure that your insurance policy conditions are also met.

We install bespoke fire alarm systems tailored to your company requirements and specifications and ensure they are installed to comply with all current fire safety legislation and insurance requirements.

If you are looking for a new fire alarm or fire detection system in Cardiff, Newport, swansea, Bridgend or the surrouinding areas of South Wales contact us today on 01443 841122