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Installation of interactive whiteboards.

Interactive Whiteboard Installations

interactive whiteboard installations Cardiff Newport Swansea South WalesInteractive whiteboard installations in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend and South Wales.

Brecongate has worked over many years with a variety of school, colleges, universities and training organisations providing a wide range of building and electrical services. As aprt of many of these projects we have also developed excellent experience in the installation of interactive whiteboards.

Interactive boards are now found in most schools and universities and are now an important teaching tool – whatever the subject!.

Brecongate supply, install and provide training on all of the leading interactive whiteboards available.

Interactive whiteboards are incredibly versatile and allow teachers access to a wide selection of tools including:

  • Voting systems – This allows teachers to immediately assess the success of a lesson and the individual progress of pupils and to make informed decisions about future learning. This avoids the traditional scenario where the same 4 or 5 pupils will give most of the answers in a Q&A session, thus giving you a greater insight into the entire groups learning progress.
  • Visualisers – Enable any flat or 3D object to be magnified and displayed on a large screen at the front of the class and viewed from any angle.
  • Virtual tools – such as rulers and protractors and compasses to emulate traditional classroom teaching tools

Please contact us for a free consultation about installing interactive whiteboards in your school, college, university or training facility on 01443 841122.