Coleg Y Cymoed Ystrad Mynach – renovation

Ystrad College renovationBrecongate are pleased to have assisted with a new venture for Coleg Y Cymoed, Ystrad Mynach renovating an existing bungalow at their Ystrad Mynach campus for use by less able bodied students.

The bungalow is a training centre specifically for the less able bodied students where they can learn skills to live independently. The bungalow was adapted to comply with part M building standards and to achieve this all internal walls were removed to widen corridors with the kitchen and bathroom also adapted for disabled use .

In addition, all doorways were widened and front and rear access doors replaced with low level thresholds for ease of access. Disabled ramps were also installed to the back and front ensuring the users had access to all part of the property including the garden.