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Our responsibility to environmental issues

Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental issues in building industry South WalesEnvironmental issues in the commercial building industry in South Wales.

Brecongate leads the way in our responsibility to environmental issues. We are wholly committed to maintaining a solid and ethical business practice that minimises environmental impact.

We strictly document and monitor all our business practices under the guidelines of the ISO 14001 standard in order to maintain and improve our commitment to an environmentally friendly business ethos.  We comply rigidly with all existing environmental legislation and endeavour to raise the bar on all current practice guidelines, by implementing the highest standard of service and care in our industrial practices.

Industrial practice impacting on the environment.

We feel strongly about the implications of pollution that bad industrial practice can highlight, we seek to greatly minimise environmental detriment by improving our in house operations and our services by implementing energy efficiency and technology that minimises the consumption of natural resources and the expelling of harmful emissions.

We are passionate about the practicality of preventing waste and seek to implement solutions that actively implement and encourage the recycling of resources. In addition, we have implemented measures that control waste safely with as minimal environmental impact as reasonably possible.