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Fire safety systems Cardiff Newport South Wales Swansea

Specialists in all aspects of fire protection

Fire Control

fire control systems in South Wales CardiffFire Control for commercial premises in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend and South Wales.

Brecongate provides a range of products and services to help fire control initiatives in your workplace.

Brecongate have many years experience and is a specialist in all aspects of fire protection including:

  • Sourcing and placement of fire extinguishers

  • Installation of fire alarms

  • Installation of emergency lighting systems.

All products and systems installed by Brecongate are of the highest qualityand we have provided fire safety solutions to companies of all sizes, from small offices to multiple retail outlets

Brecongate provides fire safety solutions from design to implementation including the installation and maintaining of  self contained emergency lighting and central battery systems to meet the design specification of any building and to comply with BS5266-1 1999.

Brecongate provides a variety of fire extinguishing solutions. This inludes fixed extinguisher systems which can detect a fire, shutdown equipment and extinguish a fire within seconds of detection. The advantage of such a system is that it minimises damage to your property and most importantly reduces the risk of serious injury and loss of life to your employees.

For more information on our fire extinguishing services visit our Fire Suppression page.

If you are looking for assistance and advice with regard to fire control systems in your workplace in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea or South Wales then contact us today on 01443 841122